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31 December 2014 @ 06:43 pm
Reading List 2014  
The Complete List Of Every Book I Read This Year (in read order):

'The Burning Soul' John Connolly
'The Wrath Of Angels' John Connolly
'The Long Earth' Terry Pratchett & Stephen Baxter
'The World Of Poo' Terry Pratchett
'The Dark Tower 4.5: The Wind Through The Keyhole' Stephen King
'Bones To Ashes' Kathy Reichs
'Devil Bones' Kathy Reichs
'Doctor Who: The Eyeless' Lance Parkin
'Essential Iron Man: Volume 1' Stan Lee
'Essential Iron Man: Volume 2' Stan Lee
'The Wolf In Winter' John Connolly
'Essential Captain America: Volume 1' Stan Lee
'The Dresden Files: Storm Front' Jim Butcher
'Marvel Comics: 75 Years of Cover Art' Alan Cowsill
'Raising Steam' Terry Pratchett
'Mrs Bradshaw's Handbook' Terry Pratchett

Grand Total: 16

Bit of a poor effort this year but not the worst I've ever done.

As you can see, I started properly reading Comics. I'd love to read more only my OCD says I have to start at the beginning and let me tell you, those real old Essentials are quite tricky to get & some are stupidly expensive. That Essential Captain America up there is a prime example. Almost as rare as hen's teeth but totally worth it.

As I mentioned last year, I was hoping to finish 'The Complete Sherlock Holmes'. Well, it didn't happen. I met some great people while playing video games and ended up playing into the wee hours, so I wasn't reading it in the quiet of the night. As of right now, I am near the end of 'The Hound of the Baskervilles'. Here's hoping I can add it to next years list.
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